Cheapening the honeymoon

I admit it, I’m cheap when it comes to spending money on myself. And my fiance shares most of my views when it comes to finance now that we’ve been budgeting and planning the wedding, so I suppose I could amend that statement to say that we’re cheap when it comes to spending money on ourselves.

That being said, I noticed the rate on our honeymoon hotel had dropped — I check periodically, maybe once a month — I’m not neurotic about it, I have too many other things to be neurotic about! — and contacted our travel agent. Her agency has a price guarantee, and we saved $282. I had done the same thing in November, and we saved $252 then. So that’s $534 total just for being vigilant.

It only took a few minutes of time to save money. I intend to check one more time before we make our final payment!

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