Goodbye, landline

It was bound to happen. We’re dropping the landline.

Not that anyone really called on the home phone. My one aunt makes her weekly call, and our parents call once in a blue moon. They know it’s easier to call us on our cell phones.

The decision was pretty much made for us — the line is dead. All I need to do is make the call to Verizon.

Our landlord decided to fully carpet the front and rear stairways, so workers were here hammering away all day Tuesday. I can only hazard a guess that one of those nails went through the phone line cords running helter-skelter through the stairwell, because that’s when the line went dead. No dial tone, and when I call the house line, it’s just a busy signal.

Canceling the home phone will save us nearly $30 a month. Combined with dropping delivery of The Star-Ledger newspaper to just Thursdays & Sundays ($20 becomes $2.25), that’s $47.75 less we’ll spend a month — and $573 a year.


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