One less bill

On my second attempt, I finally got to a live person at Verizon customer service and was able to cancel our landline phone. The first time, I gave up after being on hold a half-hour or so, because I’m impatient like that.

So this will save us about $30 a month. I also dropped down […]

I’m here, I’m here

It’s been a busy few days. Saturday was my cousin’s wedding, and today was exciting — we set the menu and covered the little details at the reception hall, yay. I completely forgot about choosing a wedding cake (I’m terrible at being a bridezilla), but we (I) made this lovely confection selection:

I love the little […]

Goodbye, landline

It was bound to happen. We’re dropping the landline.

Not that anyone really called on the home phone. My one aunt makes her weekly call, and our parents call once in a blue moon. They know it’s easier to call us on our cell phones.

The decision was pretty much made for us — the […]

I <3 checks

Especially when they’re made out to me.

Payment for freelance work generally comes unexpectedly, so it was a pleasure to come home to some good mail today for a change!

Also, the renewal policy for the fiance’s car insurance came, too. Amazingly, somehow the premium for the next 6-month period went down $200. He’s actually paying a […]

Tax breaks for car and home buyers added to stimulus package

It may just be our lucky year.

The fiance will need to get a new car in May when his lease is up, and we’re continually kicking around the idea of buying a house by the end of the year. The car is going to happen no matter what, but the house depends on a number […]

Merging money

My fiance and I have started to discuss how and where to merge our money. We knew everything about the other’s financial situation coming into this engagement, which is a great thing. He only has a couple thousand dollars on his credit card, and I only have wedding expenses (dress & half the honeymoon) on […]

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