Sushi and stuffed cupcakes

So there’s only 15 minutes or so left of Valentine’s Day 2009. Hope those who celebrated had fun!

We decided to splurge today. We went for an early sushi dinner at Aki in Bloomfield, which was delicious. I actually start to salivate soon after we order, in anticipation of the deliciousness about to please my palate — it’s pathetic and amusing at the same time.

Then we picked up dessert at The Petite Cafe in Nutley, which has become well-known for its stuffed cupcakes. We’d never been there but kept hearing great things about it, so we decided it was worth a try.

We got four cupcakes, gluttons that we are. I chose the Lover’s Lane, which was a dark chocolate cake with strawberry mousse inside and topped with strawberry icing, and Mellow Nights, a chocolate cupcake with marshmallow mousse and topped with chocolate icing and marshallow creme. Fiance got a PB&J, which is peanut butter cake and jelly filling with peanut butter and whipped cream topping, and Anna Banana, a banana cupcake filled with banana mousse and topped with vanilla icing.

All of them were delicious. I had a small taste of the Anna Banana, so that’s next on my must-try list. The Petite Cafe is a great discovery, but not good for my pre-wedding diet, haha.

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