Verizon is on my shit list …

… and there’s nothing I can do about it until Monday morning. Which is probably a good thing, because they’d get an earful from me right about now.

Two weeks ago I blogged about dropping our landline service with Verizon. I figured instead of severing the line completely, I’d take the customer service rep’s suggestion of just putting the line on a 4-month suspension, leaving it open for us to change our minds if we wanted to re-instate the same phone number. Why not, I figured.

Well, there’s always a catch, and I should have known to ask some questions.

Just got a BILL from Verizon, for $23.31. While we were credited for the non-use of the phone services for the rest of February, we were CHARGED $20.60 for “temporary suspension.” WTF?

I wasn’t informed that it would cost anything to put the phone line on “hold” until June (I even had a note to myself to cancel the landline completely by then). This is some low-down, sneaky tactic, especially since I told the rep that I wanted to save money by canceling my service because we never used it.

Verizon sucks, big time. Wait until their office opens again Monday morning… just wait.

Funny aside
When New Jersey Bell and some of the other Baby Bells joined together to form Verizon, my father had a field day with the new moniker. “Verizon? What the hell does that even mean?” To this day, he still writes out his checks to NJ Bell — and Verizon cashes them. That’s almost 9 years now.

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