In & Out

I’m heading into full-on wedding mode now, with less than two weeks to go. Hubby-to-be dropped off the big check today at the reception hall, I’m re-confirming all of our vendors and making final payments, and the place cards and seating chart are all ready to go. A friend of ours is making some kick-ass […]

Recession = more violent deaths?

It sure seems so to me. There’s been a spate of shootings lately, with two happening over the weekend. One was at a North Carolina nursing home, where some sicko went in and shot dead 7 elderly patients and a nurse, and then 6 people died in a shooting in California last night, including a […]

Promotional cable rates rule!

Especially when you can get them over and over again! Hubby-to-be, the crazy TV watcher, reminded me that our 12-month promotional period was almost up — our next cable bill would jump if I didn’t take action, stat.

A little background: Our cable package is the equivalent of a pizza with the works — full […]

Teeny Tiny Houses

Actually, it’s called the Tumbleweed Tiny House. My friend Rob left a link to the website in my comments and I’ve been meaning to bring it out to main blog status. The guy above, Jay Schafer, decided he wanted to have a little of an impact on the environment as possible when it came to […]

Those crazy cats

The one above, Misfit, who’s almost 2 and is still kitten-ish, is especially crazy. He runs around the house like a maniac, and sometimes literally tries to climb the walls (or the doorways). He also tries to “play” with our older cat, Krashy, 11, who wants nothing more than to be an only cat again. […]

Do-it-yourself bridal purse

So far, I’ve made my own card box and bought my shoes from Payless — so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’ve made my own bridal purse, too.

I made it from the same material that I used for the card box (check out the box here) back in October. It’s a little […]

The mail: A mixed bag

Saturday’s mail delivery brought the good along with the bad. The good: A check for freelance work!

The bad: A statement for the credit card I slapped the rest of our honeymoon on, and our PSE&G bill, back up to $200.

I’ll be using the one to pay off the other. Naturally, the credit card […]

Using "freebie" coupons

My fiance sometimes gets embarassed because I’m perfectly willing to go to a nice restaurant with a “buy 1 entree, get 1 free” coupon — and use it. He doesn’t like to appear “cheap,” especially when it’s a place around town (not that we do that often anymore). I say, if the business publishes the […]

Where’s My Refund?

No, really — the IRS has a website where you can get an estimation of when you’ll be receiving your refund. Go to the Where’s My Refund subsite and plug in your Social Security number, filing status and the exact dollar amount of your refund, and if the IRS has received your tax return, it […]

How NOT to use your credit cards

Photo by Ian Britton/

Sure, the allure of the little rectangular plastic things in your wallet cannot be denied. They’re shiny, colorful and hey, not REAL money at the time you swipe them at the store after buying $300 worth of cosmetics, right? Wrong!

The easiest way to NOT use your credit cards? Cut them […]