200th Post!

I’ve rambled on here (my apologies to Anthony Buccino) on 200 different occasions about nonsense, and you’re still checking out my blog. Thanks for reading, voyeurs! =)

I whipped together a quick meat chili last night for dinner, thanks to my bargain buy of 85% lean ground beef at Pathmark on Sunday. It was already on sale at $1.98/lb., but since the sell-by date was Monday, they had an extra $2 off manager’s special coupon on there. So 3.25 pounds of meat cost me all of $4 and change. I used half last night for the chili and froze the other half for a future meal.

I didn’t use the homemade chicken broth, since it was flavored with different herbs. Thanks to those who suggested I freeze it in portions — I’m going to do just that today.

In a more financial vein, how much will the Dow drop today? It fell another 80 points or so to 6,547 yesterday. Insanity. And if one more person I know loses their job, I may just scream…

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