HDMI cables and tax refunds

in order to get the best video quality for our new TV (for the shows that use HD technology), I had to pick up an HDMI cable.

First, I went to Target, because I had to pick up cat litter anyway. Prices there started at $40 and went upwards of $100. Insanity.

A few people told me about Microcenter, which has a location nearby. I went on their website and found 4-foot cable for $9.99 and a 7-foot for $14.99. Perfect.

I stopped there after work and found that the cheapest HDMI cable they had in stock was $24.99. At that point, I give up and just buy it, since I didn’t want to keep going to different stores to check out prices.

Granted, I could have gotten a much-cheaper cable online, but then I most likely would have had to pay shipping. I did take the easy way out instead of being frugal, I’m ashamed to admit. And I felt really guilty while standing in line!

Finally going to mail out my tax returns today. I’m so glad I’m getting refunds this year!

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