In & Out

I’m heading into full-on wedding mode now, with less than two weeks to go. Hubby-to-be dropped off the big check today at the reception hall, I’m re-confirming all of our vendors and making final payments, and the place cards and seating chart are all ready to go. A friend of ours is making some kick-ass favors for our guests and I’ve been making list after list of things to do — honeymoon-related, things to bring the day of, and financial logistics.

We still need to open a joint checking account, which I think is just going to have to wait until after we get back. We have the joint savings and our own separate checking/savings accounts, so nothing has to change by a given time. And since his lease goes back to the dealer the first week in May, we’ll have to squeeze in time to finance a car, eeek. So much to do!

That being said, my posts here will likely be sporadic as I go on a writing hiatus (that goes for freelance work, too). While we’re putting out chunks of money right now, I know we saved our asses off to pay for everything wedding-related, with room to spare. It’ll be interesting to see where we’re at after the honeymoon!

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