Let the outflow begin

It’s a month until our wedding, and today we paid the first of many big bills coming due in the next few weeks — the honeymoon. In order to keep the most cash free, I begrudgingly put the balance of the trip on a credit card, with the intention of paying it off within a month or two after the wedding.

We still need to open a joint checking account (we have a joint savings), and consolidate. There are accounts at three different banks — good in a way, but bad for paying bills, because we won’t need three checking accounts. Maybe we’ll leave a savings account open at one bank for “fun money” — if we ever get back to actually leaving the house on the weekends! Can’t say we miss the expenditures that come with going out. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we do nothing, but we’ve definitely cut back.

Then, there’s the florist, photographer, minister, reception hall, favors and assorted “minor” expenses. By and far, the reception is the greatest expense, but we did our homework and found a nice place with much more affordable pricing.

One month, I can’t believe it. Wedding planning and I have a love-hate relationship, that’s for sure.

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