Online coupons

I don’t buy a lot of stuff online — half the time I’m not home to get the packages and I hate the whole tag-you’re-it of delivery notices. But when I do, you can be sure I’m scouring the Web for coupon codes. And nowadays, I’m even more vigilant about finding a great deal than […]

St. Patrick’s Day rally

Happy St. Patrick’s Day — or what’s left of it!

So the Dow Jones jumped 179 points today. Nice to see the stock market continue its upward climb. Maybe by the end of the year I’ll stop tearing up when I take a peek at my 401(k) accounts…

Stuck in a rut

I’m having one of those days where I just want to move forward on money-related issues, but I can’t. There’s nothing I hate more than being stuck; I really like to get things done immediately and move on, but that’s not happening right now.. In the next month or two, we need to:

1. Open a […]

Warmer weather!

**Where I wish I was, on a tropical island somewhere!

And for that, I’m grateful. We’ve been flirting with the 60-degree mark here in Jersey for the past few days, and the weather this week will continue to be “balmy” for March. The best part is that we’ve barely had the electric space heaters on — […]

Too miserly?

Photo by Arinas74

Is it wrong that I actually feel guilty about us spending $25 on ShopRite sushi for dinner tonight? Heh.

That’s not to say we don’t like to enjoy ourselves. We

Tips for keeping your job

Is there, or was there, ever such a thing as job security? I used to think that some jobs, such as being a civil servant (government worker, police officer, fireman, et al) were pretty secure. And then the current recession kicked in.

In New Jersey, state workers are being asked to forego contracted raises and accept […] success!

I’ve got to say, I was pretty skeptical that this would work. A few weeks ago, I wrote about discovering the website. It seemed too good to be true that I could ship out a bunch of books that they were willing to pay me for (postage-paid, no less!), and have the money deposited […]

Let the outflow begin

It’s a month until our wedding, and today we paid the first of many big bills coming due in the next few weeks — the honeymoon. In order to keep the most cash free, I begrudgingly put the balance of the trip on a credit card, with the intention of paying it off within a […]

200th Post!

I’ve rambled on here (my apologies to Anthony Buccino) on 200 different occasions about nonsense, and you’re still checking out my blog. Thanks for reading, voyeurs! =)

I whipped together a quick meat chili last night for dinner, thanks to my bargain buy of 85% lean ground beef at Pathmark on Sunday. It was already on […]

My first crack at homemade chicken stock

Thanks to my brother and his girlfriend, we are now the proud owners of a Showtime Grill (“Set it – and forget it”) — they gave it to us as a bridal shower gift. The first thing we made in it was hamburgers — they came out great, but we knew it had more potential […]

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