Promotional cable rates rule!

Especially when you can get them over and over again! Hubby-to-be, the crazy TV watcher, reminded me that our 12-month promotional period was almost up — our next cable bill would jump if I didn’t take action, stat.

A little background: Our cable package is the equivalent of a pizza with the works — full digital programming, On Demand, premium channels, additional sports channel package and DVR. It’s insane and one of the few things we splurge on. Lots of stuff that the fiance loves.

I took the time the other day to call the cable company’s customer service and fully expected to wait on hold forever. But after a few minutes I got someone on the line. I nicely explained that our promotional period was up and asked if there were any new offers we qualified for. She renewed us for 6 months at our current promo rate of $75 for the digital programming (minus the sports package & DVR), which was great to hear, because the full price is $112. Yay! I still think it’s pretty crazy that with everything included, we’re paying $100 per month, but it’s better than $140 (that would be true insanity).

So while I’ll have to call back in 6 months for another promotional rate, it’s really worth it to save about $240 in that time period. Would you just throw away $240, or would you make the call? Try it!

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