Recession = more violent deaths?

It sure seems so to me. There’s been a spate of shootings lately, with two happening over the weekend. One was at a North Carolina nursing home, where some sicko went in and shot dead 7 elderly patients and a nurse, and then 6 people died in a shooting in California last night, including a toddler. That one is thought to be a murder-suicide.

Although there’s definitely emotional issues at hand in ridiculously sad incidents like these, now that we’re in a recession, I think finances have a lot to do with this kind of violence. Just a few weeks ago, a father in Florida killed his family, then himself. His 17-year-old son survived. In October, a California man despondent over his losses in the stock market killed himself, his wife, mother-in-law and three sons.

So is the recession making people more mentally fragile? I’m sure, to a point. But no matter how bad things get financially (or emotionally), going on a killing rampage isn’t the answer. I just don’t get people sometimes.

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