The mail: A mixed bag

Saturday’s mail delivery brought the good along with the bad.

The good:
A check for freelance work!

The bad: A statement for the credit card I slapped the rest of our honeymoon on, and our PSE&G bill, back up to $200.

I’ll be using the one to pay off the other. Naturally, the credit card payment is due the day before the wedding — the statement is just sitting on my desk, mocking me! I plan to pay that sucker off in the next two months and clear that off our debt register. That will just leave fiance’s credit card, which is more than manageable to clear in another two months. Then we’ll both be debt-free!

Except for the new car we’re going to purchase (hopefully with 0% financing) by early May… we’ll be getting on that as soon as we return from Aruba.

Tomorrow is food shopping day. I’ve been pretty darned good — we budget for $75 a week in groceries, and I’ve been consistently falling around $55-$65 weekly (not counting trips that involve cat supplies, such as food and litter).

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