Those crazy cats

The one above, Misfit, who’s almost 2 and is still kitten-ish, is especially crazy. He runs around the house like a maniac, and sometimes literally tries to climb the walls (or the doorways). He also tries to “play” with our older cat, Krashy, 11, who wants nothing more than to be an only cat again. All Krashy wants to do is eat and sleep — mostly sleep.

When we adopted Misfit, I didn’t realize how much more food and cat litter we’d be going through. It was almost as if we’d taken in 3 more cats instead of one! So I always look for deals. I usually get the cat litter from Target, where the 35-pound tub of litter is cheapest and where the register usually spits out a $1 or $2-off coupon. Since our felines eat Purina Cat Chow, I also signed up at, which notifies me of coupons and special offers. The main website also has a tab for coupons–totally key.

When I get cat food, I swear my fellow shoppers must think I’m the crazy cat lazy, because I get the 14.5-pound bag, which retails around $11-$12, depending on the sale. It’s more bang for your buck than the 3.5-pound package I used to buy for $4.50 or so. It would take four 3.5-pound bags to make 14 pounds, and instead of $18, I pay $11 for the same amount of food. Add in coupon savings, and it’s a no-brainer!

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