Verizon, Part II

Couldn’t get a live person on the phone at Verizon today, probably because of the snowstorm that walloped the eastern seaboard last night. Nevermind it took 3 minutes to get through the worst automated answering system ever, just for the automated voice to tell me that NO ONE could answer my call because of the heavy volume today. I’ll be calling again tomorrow.

In a comment on my previous post, HS@Our Debt Blog suggested I should “just pay [the fees] and move on — a curious suggestion from a PF blogger. It’s not $2-$3, it’s $20, plus I noticed we were charged our usual long distance monthly fee ($7) on a line that is supposedly suspended.

So for $27, yes, I will call Verizon and get them to refund the fee — AND cancel the service entirely. These are the type of things that add up, and the entire point of getting rid of the landline was to cut down on expenses.

What annoys me the most of that the Verizon customer service rep was disingenous — I specifically said I wanted to save money, and in the end, I saved nothing. It was just like getting our usual bill! What a scam.

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