Warmer weather!

**Where I wish I was, on a tropical island somewhere!

And for that, I’m grateful. We’ve been flirting with the 60-degree mark here in Jersey for the past few days, and the weather this week will continue to be “balmy” for March. The best part is that we’ve barely had the electric space heaters on — not even at night.

Soon enough, though, we’ll be putting on the A/C and complaining about the electric bills for that!

I was off from work for a few days and got a number of things done for the wedding. I “paid” off our honeymoon (meaning I slapped the balance on a credit card, argh). Our reasoning is that we want to have as much cash free as possible for paying vendors in the next few weeks. Then once we get back from our whopping 6-day honeymoon, we’ll immediately pay it off.

On Thursday, I went for my wedding hair and makeup trial. Uncharacteristically, I didn’t ask how much it would cost, because I’ve been going to the salon for a number of years and they’ve been good to me. I brought about $100 with me, thinking it would cost around $75, but I was pleasantly surprised when they only charged me $40 for both. My hairstylist half-jokingly, said, “You’ll make up the cost on the wedding day!” That’s for sure — there will be five of us in for hair and makeup that morning.

Just a cute aside — My fiance’s aunts sent us a nice bridal shower gift of four crystal glasses and crystal serveware wrapped in a lot of bubble wrap and tissue paper. Our cat Misfit decided to make it his new home:

Happy Monday!

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