I never stop thinking

Seriously, I need a brain slower-downer — and I’m not talking about narcotics or alcohol, thank you very much. It seems I’m always plotting and planning in my head.

Now that we’ve gotten the new car accomplished, my thoughts are turning full-steam ahead to house-shopping. I’ve been checking out towns, schools, taxes, commutes — you […]

Something I didn’t miss … a car payment

We finally got our new car — well, small SUV. It’s a 2009 Ford Escape XLS, in black, just like Mr. Saver wanted. It was also one of only two of this base model trim available in black in the entire state (also counting nearby upstate NY and New York City). There was one in […]

Hot, hot, hot

That’s what it’s supposed to be again here in the New Jersey metro area. A balmy 90 degrees on this lovely April day. APRIL. Mother Nature is playing a cruel trick on us! Sunday, we had a record high of 94 degrees. That meant I had to put away the electric oil heaters, strip the […]

COMCRAP — er, COMCAST — strikes again!

Got a text from my honey on Friday night, asking me if I did anything to the TV that morning. My first thought was “Oh, boy” — because he loves television, maybe even more than me or the cat!

Turns out we had no cable or Internet service, again, just like in November when […]

Car shopping

I’m going to adopt a tactic here from many of my fellow PF bloggers and start calling the hubby “Mr. Saver.” It’s just easier. Not that we’re anonymous or anything…

Anyway — Mr. Saver’s lease is up May 6, which means it’s new car time. We didn’t want another lease, since it would be up […]

Bye-bye, high credit limit

I’ve been getting hit hard by my credit card lenders in the past few months. First, Chase outright closed my account without warning because of inactivity. And now, my “big” credit card — the one with the $30,000 limit — is not so big anymore.

The bank it was issued through is apparently no longer […]

I’m back — and happily wed!

Outstanding photography by Veronica Yankowski www.veronicavision.com

We did it. We took the plunge! I couldn’t have asked for a better day — everything went perfectly, and the rain even stopped right before we started taking pictures at the reception site. Our thanks to the entire bridal party, family and friends who helped make it a […]

Negotiating airfares

My mother-in-law (5 days until it’s official, folks) sent me an e-mail yesterday, pointing out that her boss is only paying $300 for airfare to Aruba on Continental and that he suggested we call the airline and negotiate to have the fare for our honeymoon either reduced or get a credit for a future flight. […]

Happy Birthday, Nana

My thrifty grandmother would have been 100 years old today — she lived through the Great Depression, and kept to her frugal ways for the rest of her life.

In honor of her birthday, I will wipe my kitchen sink with a paper towel and leave it hanging to air-dry and re-use for the […]

Newspapers and extra $$$ in paychecks

I really thought I would miss having a newspaper delivered to our house every morning. But it’s been more than a month of having it delivered only Sundays and Thursdays, and even then I’m not impressed. If it weren’t for the Sunday coupon fliers, I probably wouldn’t get the paper at all!

At least our […]