Hot, hot, hot

That’s what it’s supposed to be again here in the New Jersey metro area. A balmy 90 degrees on this lovely April day. APRIL. Mother Nature is playing a cruel trick on us! Sunday, we had a record high of 94 degrees. That meant I had to put away the electric oil heaters, strip the bed of the extra blankets and comforters, and turn on the A/C and fan.

It also meant I had to reverse our usual routine with the drapes and shades. On sunny days during the winter, we draw the curtains and pull up the shades/open the blinds in order to get whatever extra heat we can. In the hotter months, it’s the opposite. Everything is tightly closed during the day to keep out the heat, and then opened at night or after work to let the cooler breezes in.

It works pretty well. But a storm front is now moving in, and the high temperature tomorrow will be 58 — that’s a more than 30-degree drop from today’s forecasted high.

Now let’s see how many people get sick from these drastic temperature changes! I’ve been fighting off allergies, but anything is better than swine flu…

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