I never stop thinking

Seriously, I need a brain slower-downer — and I’m not talking about narcotics or alcohol, thank you very much. It seems I’m always plotting and planning in my head.

Now that we’ve gotten the new car accomplished, my thoughts are turning full-steam ahead to house-shopping. I’ve been checking out towns, schools, taxes, commutes — you name it, I’ve looked it up. Then there are mortgages, real estate agents, foreclosures, short sales… I could go on and on. In fact, most of my free time has been spent researching all of this crap in the hopes that we’ll be well-informed when the time comes.

And I think that time may be drawing close. I’d like to save another $10,000 to have a cushion after all of the home-buying expenses drain our accounts. It’s such a daunting step, wiping out most of your hard-earned savings. I don’t know if I have the stomach for it, honestly.

We’ll definitely be putting out more money than renting, but a house is an investment, while paying rent gets us nothing except a roof over our heads. I’d rather have a place of our own with a backyard — being a homeowner has been one of my main goals in life.

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