Negotiating airfares

My mother-in-law (5 days until it’s official, folks) sent me an e-mail yesterday, pointing out that her boss is only paying $300 for airfare to Aruba on Continental and that he suggested we call the airline and negotiate to have the fare for our honeymoon either reduced or get a credit for a future flight. While I admire the fact that she knows how I am with getting the best deal, there were a few things I had to point out about how our $955 per ticket price (after taxes and fees) differs from his $300 flight in June.

1. We’re traveling to the Caribbean in high season. Technically, it’s the end of the season, which runs December through April, AND it’s Easter week, when the public and private schools (K-12) tend to have their spring break. It’s still chilly here on the East Coast, so everyone will be heading toward warmer climates next week.

2. Boss man is going in the summer, when it’s warm here and hot-hot-hot in the Caribbean. Granted, it’s sizzling all-year round, and July and August are worst, but June is up there.

3. Our tickets have lots of restrictions. There’s no wiggle room at all, especially with a fare-restricted, lowest-price ticket. We didn’t pay a premium, so we’re not able to change flights on a whim without major fees being charged. That definitely goes against the point.

4. Most flights are sold out next week.
This further indicates that it’s a premium week for travel. The flights that are available are actually priced even higher.

Maybe I’m giving up too easily, but I think the points above pretty much outline that it would be a useless effort. Coupled with the fact that I have a billion wedding-related things to do in the next few days, I’m willing to take a hit on this one. Anyway, I got about $500 knocked off our all-inclusive cost, so I don’t feel that bad!

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