Newspapers and extra $$$ in paychecks

I really thought I would miss having a newspaper delivered to our house every morning. But it’s been more than a month of having it delivered only Sundays and Thursdays, and even then I’m not impressed. If it weren’t for the Sunday coupon fliers, I probably wouldn’t get the paper at all!

At least our delivery went from $20/month to $8/month, which will save $144 a year. A little here, a little there — we canceled the landline (saving $240/year) and our promotional cable rate cuts $480/year from our expenses — that’s $865 a year that can go toward other things (or, where I prefer it, in the bank).

Starting this week, individual workers making under $75,000 annually ($150,000 for couples) will see an extra $10 per week or a little more in their paychecks, thanks to a provision of the stimulus bill called Making Work Pay — odd name. It’s actually a reduction in federal income tax withholding. Not much, but I won’t turn it down.

In fact, I wonder if my employer had changed the tax rate earlier this year — my paychecks got a little something extra as of February or so. I suppose I’ll find out next payday!

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