We’re reining in our spending

*The position Mr. Saver has been posing in when talk of our impending house purchase comes up

Cutting backNot that we were big spenders to begin with! But now with the closing scheduled for little more than three weeks away, we’ve all but stopped discretionary spending — only the necessities, for now. Yes, this includes […]

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Mortgage: check

We’re on a tight 30-day close schedule, assuming everything goes the way it’s supposed to. So I spent my lunch hour yesterday on the phone with the mortgage guy, applying for the house loan.

Nearly 50 minutes later, we were approved — and got a kick-ass 5% interest rate, no points.

That’s pretty […]

Mortgage shopping

Oh, my. Closing costs are the work of the devil.

We know how much we’re putting down on our new house (::fingers crossed::), but closing costs seem to vary widely from lender to lender. There are fees for things I would never even have thought of!

We want a mortgage with little or no points. […]

Holiday weekend? Not for me

My job involves a weekly Monday deadline, so whenever the holidays fall on that day, I’m still working. Holidays? Smolidays. Yours truly didn’t get home until 4:15 this morning.

Then, the phone rang at 9:15 a.m. I figured it was work, but I was wrong. It was our Realtor. We’ve got a house! If everything […]

Whittling down the debt

Just scheduled another fat payment toward our credit card debt. I remember a time, not too long ago, when I didn’t have ANY CC debt *sigh*. On my card was the honeymoon, bridal gown and a few other wedding-related purchases. Mr. Saver’s credit card was gunked up with his “incidentals” — and now I know […]

Do-it-yourself wedding gown cleaning?

My poor, poor wedding gown has been sitting in its garment bag since the day we were wed in holy matrimony (okay, not so holy, no church involved). While I want to keep it, I don’t want to pay the hundreds of dollars to get it “cleaned and preserved” in one of those silly […]

Blowin’ in the wind

Not the song — that’s where my money might as well have gone in the past few weeks.

I was a bad girl.

I love my friends, but we spent a lot on going out the last few weekends. Spending a night in Hoboken, dining on sushi (at the fancy places, not our usual […]

Free stuff

There’s nothing like getting stuff for free (or dirt-cheap) at drugstores or grocery stores, but I find a lot of the time, they’re products I have no use for. It’s not even that it’s a brand different that what I would normally use… it’s just that I can only use so many free Glade plug-in […]

Lease-end bill

A few weeks ago, we returned Mr. Saver’s car to the GM dealership after his lease was up. It was at this time that he told me that he had to pay around $600 after returning the previous lease because of things that needed to be fixed/replaced, such as tires and brakes.

At the […]