Blowin’ in the wind

Not the song — that’s where my money might as well have gone in the past few weeks.

I was a bad girl.

I love my friends, but we spent a lot on going out the last few weekends. Spending a night in Hoboken, dining on sushi (at the fancy places, not our usual ShopRite take-out), buying rounds at the local watering hole — it really added up.

That’s why it’s back to the drawing board when it comes to keeping our funds in the bank. Except for a girls’ dinner already scheduled for next Wednesday, I’ll be watching my spending.

We’re still in the middle of paying down our — um, well, Mr. Saver’s — credit card debt, but with the house-hunting, I’m not paying as much toward the balance as I normally would. But $600-$700 is nothing to sneeze at. It will be all gone by the end of the year, without fail. You can bank on it!

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