Close, but no cigar

That pretty much sums up our house-bidding experience this week.

Tune in next week for… nothing. I’ve decided not to post anything about our future experiences unless we actually walk away with a home.

We came THISCLOSE to getting this house. Long story short, it was between us and another offer, but that couple was putting more money down on the front end. Apparently, the sellers needed the cash up front (like a 30-day closing wasn’t fast enough?) in order to purchase their new home.


In my eternally optimistic manner (can you smell the sarcasm?), I did figure that either way, it was a win-win situation. We either got the house, or we got additional time to pad our savings account. Too bad it’s the latter.

P.S. — I’m pretty sure it’s too much to hope that the deal falls through in the next few days.

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