Do-it-yourself wedding gown cleaning?

My poor, poor wedding gown has been sitting in its garment bag since the day we were wed in holy matrimony (okay, not so holy, no church involved). While I want to keep it, I don’t want to pay the hundreds of dollars to get it “cleaned and preserved” in one of those silly little boxes with the plastic window on it.

Anyway, unless you open it, how do you know it’s really been cleaned?

I think I may forego the “formal” dry-cleaning, since only the underside of the train is a bit dirty, thanks to the rain from the day. Actually, considering the weather, I did a pretty darned good job of keeping it clean.

I’m going to take a look at my dress and make sure there aren’t any real stains on the satin part. If not, I’m going to take a crack at washing out the dirt on the lining myself using mild, soapy water, or perhaps my old standby, hydrogen peroxide. If there’s anything on the satin, I’m not sure if I’ll tackle that myself. I’m going to do some research on the best way to pack it away, too — surely that involves acid-free paper and box.

Anyone out there ever clean their own wedding dress? Suggestions?

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