Free stuff

There’s nothing like getting stuff for free (or dirt-cheap) at drugstores or grocery stores, but I find a lot of the time, they’re products I have no use for. It’s not even that it’s a brand different that what I would normally use… it’s just that I can only use so many free Glade plug-in warmers, ya know?

But this weekend, there are a few good deals. In the Sunday fliers, there’s a coupon for a free box of Marcal Small Steps tissues. Now we can always use tissues. And I can get French’s yellow mustard for pennies on the dollar. Last week, I got two jars of Skippy peanut butter for $1.00. Not bad.

A website I just discovered, Nickels-n- Dimes, collects weekly deals all in one place. I find this helpful, because sometimes I’m not paying attention when I’m couponing and miss out where there really are deals. Thanks for the help, Becky!

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