We checked out a bunch of houses this weekend with our real estate agent. While I don’t expect any house to be perfect, these were some odd offerings. One had a small galley kitchen with a washer and dryer, and a full bath right behind the dining room — no bedrooms at all on the first floor. Such weird placement!

One did stick out for us, because it was clearly in another class. It’s obviously been well-cared for and while the yard is small, we loved the interior. It’s at the upper end of our price range, of course, but doable.

The sale is a one-shot bid process, meaning the seller isn’t accepting counter-offers — just bring your best offer and pray, haha.

This morning, we put an offer on it. They’re opening the bids on Tuesday night, at which time they’ll make a decision and want a closing within thirty days. That’s incredibly fast, but we’ve been told the owners have just purchased another home and are looking to sell this one quickly.

The process has been insanely nerve-wracking. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll just have to continue the search.

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