Knowing what you want in a home

FB at Fabulously Broke asked me if we had a list of what we wanted in a home. Sure, we have our ideas of what we’d like and prefer, but we also know that we’re going to have to compromise on some things.

What I’d like is fairly simple:— A two-story home (no ranch-style houses, ick)
— 3 bedrooms, all on the 2nd floor; 1.5 baths
— Ample countertop space in the kitchen
— Separate dining room (easy to find around here)
— A good-sized backyard
— Parking for 3 cars (the town doesn’t allow on-street overnight parking)
— Would rather forced-air or natural gas heat over radiators or oil heat

What Mr. Saver wants:
— Big yard, preferably with a deck off the rear of the home
— Finished/semi-finished basement, for his imagined air-hockey or pool table
— A floorplan where the front door doesn’t open directly into the living room (harder to find); also, a large living room
— Me to do all the touring of homes and the legwork, with him just signing on the dotted line

I know, I know — totally disparate priorities. That’s why I married him. I’m the rational one, thinking about the practical stuff, and he’s the fun one. Together, we’ll have all of our bases covered!

We realize we won’t find a home with everything we want, and we’ll have to pick and choose what we absolutely require and what we can live without — ::cough:: finished basement ::cough::

Let the hunt begin!

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