Lease-end bill

A few weeks ago, we returned Mr. Saver’s car to the GM dealership after his lease was up. It was at this time that he told me that he had to pay around $600 after returning the previous lease because of things that needed to be fixed/replaced, such as tires and brakes.

At the time we brought back the car, the tires were balding, the brake pads needed to be replaced and the check engine light had been on for a few weeks. Nevermind the few small holes in the upholstery from cigarette burns.

So I wasn’t looking forward to getting the bill for this one. Mr. Saver is notoriously bad at taking care of his vehicles. Because when he leases, the car isn’t “his,” so he’s less apt to get the periodic maintenance done.

Grand total: $246. They only charged for two tires to be replaced. I can live with that. I’m sure the fact that the car only had 18,500 miles on it after a 39-month lease helped.

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