, take two

I had another bunch of books that I read once and no longer wanted, so I ran the ISBN numbers through the website. While the first go-round in March netted me a cool 31 bucks, this time was only a paltry $6.68. But that’s found money, so I’m not going to complain!

How do people part with all that moolah?

As I commented on 444Express’s blog, I wonder how first-time homebuyers stomach the necessity of putting most or all of their hard-earned money toward a down payment.

Although in the end we didn’t get the house we first put an offer on, we were pretty scared out of our gourds about emptying out our savings accounts […]

Close, but no cigar

That pretty much sums up our house-bidding experience this week.

Tune in next week for… nothing. I’ve decided not to post anything about our future experiences unless we actually walk away with a home.

We came THISCLOSE to getting this house. Long story short, it was between us and another offer, but that couple was […]


We checked out a bunch of houses this weekend with our real estate agent. While I don’t expect any house to be perfect, these were some odd offerings. One had a small galley kitchen with a washer and dryer, and a full bath right behind the dining room — no bedrooms at all on the […]

20.99% or 1.99% interest? A no-brainer

Now that we’re man and wife, I’ve finally decided to take a closer look at Mr. Saver’s two major credit card accounts.

Apparently, I should have looked sooner.

One is at 16.74% with a balance we can quickly pay off, and the other at 20.99% and a larger balance. This second card has been accruing $60 […]

Knowing what you want in a home

FB at Fabulously Broke asked me if we had a list of what we wanted in a home. Sure, we have our ideas of what we’d like and prefer, but we also know that we’re going to have to compromise on some things.

What I’d like is fairly simple:— A two-story home (no ranch-style houses, ick)— […]

Step one …

No, the next line is not “We can have lots of fun”…

We’ve been preapproved for a mortgage loan, yay! Apparently that’s the number one thing to have when you start shopping around for a house, because that little piece of paper shows sellers that you’re serious when you bid, and that you can indeed afford […]

Oh, boy!

We might actually go look at a house or two this week. Scary. A lot of the homes in town are short sales, so that’s good and bad. There’s one we really like (from the MLS listing), but it doesn’t seem to be a short sale and the price is too good to be true. […]

Checking account: open

We finally got around to opening that joint checking account (we already have joint savings). I dragged Mr. Saver to the bank on Saturday morning, much to his lazy-weekend chagrin. I’m still in the process of changing my name, so we only got our six starter checks, but that’s plenty since I pay nost of […]

Baby steps

It took a while, but we finally talked to a real estate agent. Well, technically, we went to an open house across the street from my in-laws’ home and talked to the Realtor there. It was the first time I’ve actually articulated what we want in a home — silly, but saying it out loud […]

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