We’re reining in our spending

*The position Mr. Saver has been posing in when talk of our impending house purchase comes up

Cutting back
Not that we were big spenders to begin with! But now with the closing scheduled for little more than three weeks away, we’ve all but stopped discretionary spending — only the necessities, for now. Yes, this includes Mr. Saver’s ciggies; I’d love for him to quit that nasty/expensive habit! He’s also now brown-bagging lunch most of the week, and we’ve put “Sushi Fridays” on hold (granted, it was only from ShopRite and less than half the price of what we’d spend at a nice sushi place, but that’s still 20 bucks kept in our account).

“Playing poor” is pretty interesting. It’s definitely helping us prepare for what it will be like once the mortgage and house bills come into play.

Musical genius?
I wish I had a tape recorder for when Mr. Saver started “composing” a “new song” out loud the other day. “I got no moneyyyyyy,” he sang. Brills!

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