Grocery store trickery

As a kid, my brother and I loved cookies. We’d head over to dad’s for the weekend, and down a bunch of Chips Ahoy with a big glass of milk. Not healthy, but delicious.

After a few years, we started to notice that the cookies themselves were shrinking. The package would say “More chips!” but […]

Still waiting

We’re still waiting for that elusive, solid closing date. The title work finally came through late last week, so now it’s up to the lender and the attorneys to set the darned date.

I’m kind of tired of being surrounded by boxes at home, and I’m at a packing standstill.

It was quite a […]

The upside to packing

Packing means we have to go through everything we own. Sounds daunting, but it’s an excellent opportunity to pare down our belongings and get rid of things we don’t want or need anymore.

I’m not one to just toss something out (unless it’s beyond repair), so clothes and books are being donated, and I’ll find […]

Verizon Fios

Mr. Saver is all about TV. Seriously. So for him, the most important thing with the new house is to set up cable TV service.

What’s funny is that I don’t even know if there was cable service set up to the house. I don’t ermember seeing a cable line even in the living […]

What a mess!

And the packing goes on … and on … and on …

We’re in the home stretch now, both on the mortgage and packing fronts. We just need to resubmit our latest account statements and I apparently need to send a copy of my birth certificate to show why I had two different last names […]

Slightly new blog look

Be honest — the green and copper theme wasn’t doing it for most of you, dear PF readers. In fact, the entire layout is pretty ugly.

For now, I’ve made it a bit cleaner with the white center background. When I find more than a few minutes of free time, I’ll set about changing (destroying?) […]

Getting there

Made it out of underwriting unscatched — we’re now 100% approved for our mortgage. Excellent news.

All we need now is for the title work to come through and we set a firm closing date. I really hope it’s still June 23, I want to start work on this house, hard-core.

I went to Lowe’s […]

Never pay for moving boxes again!

I don’t understand how storage and moving places can make money off selling boxes. Why would anyone spend their cold hard cash on something that can be obtained for free AND help in recycling efforts?

Many times, the boxes you find for free have only been used once. As long as they’re sturdy and not […]

Should you remain anonymous on the ‘Net?

I found a great link over at Budgets Are Sexy to a post at ShoeMoney, “Is Anonymity Good for the Internets?”

Now, it’s pretty obvious that I am not writing anonymously on here. As a journalist, I don’t like the idea — I believe putting your name to your thoughts keeps you honest. Plus, having […]

Keeping things in check

We’re doing excellent in our aim to super-conserve our cash before the closing. Not counting rent or our usual monthly bills, we spent $125 in the past two weeks — $65 of that was on gas for our vehicles. Sweet!

We also rolled our spare change (well, most of it; ran out of quarter wrappers). […]