Getting there

Made it out of underwriting unscatched — we’re now 100% approved for our mortgage. Excellent news.

All we need now is for the title work to come through and we set a firm closing date. I really hope it’s still June 23, I want to start work on this house, hard-core.

I went to Lowe’s today to do some window-shopping. Mentally, I spent thousands of dollars. In reality, I left without buying anything (although it was really, REALLY tough to come out empty-handed).

After doing a ton of Internet research, I’ve decided to do the entire second floor in vinyl “wood” planking. Right now, it’s got this ugly 8″x8″ commercial-look tiling, alternating in brown and beige. And yes, that is coupled with the knotty-pine, real-wood paneling on EVERY WALL. Including the hallway and the bathroom. It’s less than half the price of laminate flooring, and I think it’s a good substitute since neither one of them are actually made of wood.

Lowe’s carries Novalis vinyl plank tile. I took a look at it in person today and was extremely impressed. The color was nice (“golden oak”) and there are a few different embossed grain patterns in each carton, so it doesn’t look too cookie-cutter once it’s down. Oh, and did I mention it’s peel-and-stick? Awesomeness.

Here’s a sample of how it looks in a room. I think it looks great, for the price.

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