Grocery store trickery

As a kid, my brother and I loved cookies. We’d head over to dad’s for the weekend, and down a bunch of Chips Ahoy with a big glass of milk. Not healthy, but delicious.

After a few years, we started to notice that the cookies themselves were shrinking. The package would say “More chips!” but it was an illusion. Less cookie made it LOOK like there were more chips!

I tend to skip the cookies nowadays, but I’m definitely noticing a trend toward smaller packaging. First, microwave popcorn. The individual bags used to be 3.0 ounces — now, they’re getting smaller, down to 2.9 ounces. For the same price.

And last week, I saw some new packaging for another grocery item I buy — Kraft 2% shredded cheese. Well, I usually buy whatever’s on sale, but I digress. The new look is sleek, uses better fonts and is easier to read. “Sure, it’s on sale, I’ll buy this,” I said to myself. Then, I picked up the package and read the fine print: instead of a full 8 ounces of shredded goodness, it was down to just 7 ounces for the same price. I put that sucker back on the shelf and went for something else with a better unit price, which is an excellent way to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

I’m sure some of the downsizing is due to the economic climate, but it makes me wonder what OTHER grocery items have been shrinking without me noticing. Do they take us for suckers?

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