More tax credits for homeowners

First of all, I’m happy to report that we’re out of attorney review!

:::does out-of-attorney review dance, a la Snoopy:::
Other than that, I’ve just been packing away, luring friends to help us move by using pizza and beer as a reward. We can get most of the boxes over by ourselves — the furniture is another story.

Home inspection was Saturday and there were no major issues. We know we’ll have to update the electrical panel and some of the recepticles, and realize the furnace is older and will need to be replaced. But other than that, there’s a crack in the front window and a leaky dishwasher, which is likely still under warranty. I can deal with those two things.

I’ve been doing some research, and I’ve found that besides the first-time homebuyer credit, there are tax credits of up to 30% of the purchase cost (up to a total of $1,500) for energy-efficient windows, insulated garage doors and exterior doors. All of which we’ll need, and the credit is good for items put in through the end of 2010.

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