Never pay for moving boxes again!

I don’t understand how storage and moving places can make money off selling boxes. Why would anyone spend their cold hard cash on something that can be obtained for free AND help in recycling efforts?

Many times, the boxes you find for free have only been used once. As long as they’re sturdy and not ripped, who cares where you got them from?

I’ve been glomming boxes left and right from work. Every day around 6, the cleaning staff starts piling up cardboard boxes outside of our office doors, near the elevators, as they get ready to bring trash downstairs to the dumpsters. One of the staff saw me snag a few and we had a little conversation in Spanish — for the day, she’d keep leaving the bigger boxes outside my office door. I got to brush up on my Spanish and get what I needed.

Other places you can find free moving boxes:

1. Craiglist is great for those both getting rid of and needed boxes; just post a classified ad.

2. Freecycle is a group sorted by region. Again, just post an ad. You can also use it to swap other items.

3. Try truck rental message boards. The U-Haul Box Exchange forum is another great place to find some used boxes.

4. Go to your local grocery store. Ask the manager if there are any extra boxes or even crates that you can have. You’ll likely be told to come back the next day early in the morning, after the shelves have been restocked overnight.

After moving 7 times in 11 years, I’ve become a pro at this. This time will hopefully be my last move, ever.

Good luck!

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