Leaner, greener, faster, stronger? Oh, GM.

Poor GM. It not only got “repossessed” by the U.S. government, now it’s kicking itself in the ass in a new round of television and print ads.

Some gems from the 60-second TV ad:

“There was a time when eight different brands made sense. Not anymore.”

“…the only chapter we’re focused on, is Chapter 1” — a nice […]

More tax credits for homeowners

First of all, I’m happy to report that we’re out of attorney review!

:::does out-of-attorney review dance, a la Snoopy:::Other than that, I’ve just been packing away, luring friends to help us move by using pizza and beer as a reward. We can get most of the boxes over by ourselves — the furniture is […]

Obsessing over 401(k)

Is it wrong that I check my 401(k) after the stock market has a big rally? I suppose it makes me feel better to see the numbers going up instead of down.

I’m up 14.5% for the this year, which would be totally kick-ass except for the fact that it lost almost 40% of its value […]

Box-happy cats

Krashy doing his best hopscotch imitation, using boxes

Not wanting to leave everything until the last minute, I started the long, tedious process of packing today. I cleared off the bookshelves, and packed a bunch of knicknacks — things we won’t be needing in the next few weeks.

Krashy, who at the age of 11 has gone […]

Sometimes the best things in life really ARE free

I meant to blog about this a few weeks ago, but things have been pretty hectic around here at the Saver household.

Friends from out-of-town came to visit, and a bunch of us went to our local sushi joint to catch up over delicious food. While we were sitting there, a little girl came over to […]

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