Should you remain anonymous on the ‘Net?

I found a great link over at Budgets Are Sexy to a post at ShoeMoney, “Is Anonymity Good for the Internets?”

Now, it’s pretty obvious that I am not writing anonymously on here. As a journalist, I don’t like the idea — I believe putting your name to your thoughts keeps you honest. Plus, having my name out there is good for the portfolio.

My dad — well, he seems to think the Internet is the work of the devil. But I’ve learned more from surfing the Web than I ever did spending an afternoon in the library. Naturally, you have to know how to weed out the quality information from the not-so-accurate stuff (wikis, I’m talking about you!).

Sure, I’m putting it all out there when I blog on here. But I’m not here to disparage. I just like having a little corner of the Internet to call my own. And sure, my life is no more interesting than the next Jane Doe out there. But if anyone wants to take the ride with me, hop on!

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