Still waiting

We’re still waiting for that elusive, solid closing date. The title work finally came through late last week, so now it’s up to the lender and the attorneys to set the darned date.

I’m kind of tired of being surrounded by boxes at home, and I’m at a packing standstill.

It was quite a busy weekend. On Friday, I went to see The Fray with a friend; she won free tickets from a local radio station, and the parking was free, too. Except I had a few beers — for $9 each — and I’m not happy about that spending.

Saturday we went to see a few local bands play. It was a benefit for a friend’s daughter. Lots of fun, got to catch up with some people we hadn’t seen in ages!

And yesterday, I had a very nice early dinner with Mr. Saver’s mom, aunts and cousins in celebration of one cousin’s 30th birthday. Just us girls, which gave the men the best Father’s Day ever — peace and quiet! Haha.

So while I had a great weekend full of excitement, I wasn’t happy about the spending. Have I gotten to the point where I can’t enjoy throwing a few bucks out to have a good time? I hope it’s only temporary because of the big house purchase.

While I advocate frugality, I don’t want to not enjoy life. It’s all about finding a balance, I suppose.

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