What a mess!

And the packing goes on … and on … and on …

We’re in the home stretch now, both on the mortgage and packing fronts. We just need to resubmit our latest account statements and I apparently need to send a copy of my birth certificate to show why I had two different last names on my paystubs from the initial application process (I’m not living a double-secret life; I got married, people!). We’re just waiting for the title work to come back and be sent to the lender, then we firm up the closing date, which is tentatively scheduled for next Tuesday.

As far as packing, I’ve reached the point where I can’t really put anything else into boxes. I’ve left out our everyday dishes, a few drinking glasses and some cookware. The china and decor stuff are all stashed away, as are linens and out-of-season purses. Not that I’m much of a fashionista — shocking, I know.

It took about a week for the cats to discover the stacks of boxes scattered throughout the apartment, but find them they did. Now, Misfit’s favorite sleeping spot is one of the mid-level boxes, and both him and Krashy enjoy chasing each other up and around them.

I’m looking forward to having our own place and, for the first time in 11 years, my very own washer and dryer. And naturally, Mr. Saver is already planning his first BBQ. We are super-psyched!

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