Bad Nicole, bad.

Bless me father, for I have sinned. I went to the mall today.

While at my first stop, Macy’s, I used a gift card for some handtowels, my second stop at JCPenney’s was not as fortuitous.

I was bad. I used the credit card.

But I came away with some beautiful draperies for the dining room that I could not have sewn myself. Okay, so maybe I could have, but I bet the fabric would have cost just as much as it did to purchase them already made!

Two 50×84″ thermal-lined panels (perhaps it will save us on heating/cooling bills; the window is nearly 10 feet wide), two coordinating sheers and three “waterfall” valances … $235 after tax and with a $15 discount coupon.

But they look so damned purty. The worst part is that I need two more valances and two more sheers to do it the right way and take up the entire curtain rod. But I may try eBay or Amazon to see if I can find them cheaper.

I feel pretty guilty about the spending, and even more so for using the credit card. But I plan to make a nice payment when the next statement comes, and I’m already feverishly doing freelance work to make up for my transgression.

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