Behind on blogging

Sorry for the recent post slowdown — been really busy trying to get this house in shape. We’ve been trying to decide what expenditures we really need to make, and what can wait. Right now, painting is numero uno, and we bought vinyl tile that I’ll install in the porch room in another day or two. I’d really like to get a nice sofa/loveseat set or sectional for the living room, but we’ll see where we are in another month or so.

Speaking of the porch room (bonus room? den? sunroom? I don’t know what to call it), I decided to paint over the wood paneling. After 4 1/2 hours using a brush, I got one coat of oil-based primer on it last night. The second go-round will be brushwork just for cutting and then rolling the rest. I’ll brush over the grooves one more time, though. Then, I’ll just be putting a nice white eggshell topcoat on — hopefully just one coat will do the trick.

I think it’s brightening up the room and a huge improvement. But Mr. Saver keeps looking at the walls like I’ve committed a crime, haha.

What do you think?

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