End of an era

I just closed my very first bank account *sob*

I opened that sucker back in 1992 as a student savings account at First Fidelity. Back then, the minimum balance was $5. Then the bank was taken over by First Union, then Wachovia, and is now going to be Wells Fargo once they finish rebranding.

Because Mr. Saver and I have joint accounts over at another bank that actually pays 1.10% interest on checking and savings (not the .15% that Wachovia is offering just on savings!), I figured it was time. Plus, I no longer have direct deposit with Wachovia, so I was incurring a $2 monthly fee — just one month, because I dragged my feet about closing out the account.

My checkbook cover still said First Union on it — that’s how long I’ve had that one.

‘Tis better to have changed banks and earned interest than to never have earned interest at all!

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