Our first repair

Thank goodness we didn’t have to go into the emergency fund!

The lever on one of the toilets broke — well, Mr. Saver broke it, then let me think *I* broke it afterward. Such a gentleman and a joker.

The old one was plastic, which probably led to its early demise, so we went to Home Depot to pick up a new, metal-armed one for $7.

It looked like an easy enough fix: unscrew the nut and the old one comes off. Little did I realize it’s backward, though. I stripped the old plastic nut because I was turning it the wrong way with the pliers. Duh. My father-in-law had to come over with his hacksaw to cut it off so we could put the new piece in.

However, the trip to Home Depot did afford me the chance to pick up 8 brandy-new sets of miniblinds for the porch room, to replace the old, yellowing roller shades. With the white paint and the white blinds, it looks even better.

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