Impulse control

If ever there was a time when I’d be susceptible to impulse buying, it’s now with the new house. Purses? I can easily resist a Coach or Prada bag. Shoes? What are Manolos? Clothes? Hate shopping for those.

But when it comes to housewares, I’m a shopping whore. Put me in Target, Bed Bath & […]

What I did on my summer vacation

Yes, I realize it’s still summer, but instead of going on our yearly trip to Wildwood with Mr. Saver’s family, we decided to stay put and work on the house. In the past 6 days or so, I’ve painted the office room and straightened it out, set up my shelves (aka reloading them with tchotchkes […]

Behind on blogging

Sorry for the recent post slowdown — been really busy trying to get this house in shape. We’ve been trying to decide what expenditures we really need to make, and what can wait. Right now, painting is numero uno, and we bought vinyl tile that I’ll install in the porch room in another day or […]

New house pics

Things are coming along. The living room, dining room and first floor bathroom are just about finished.

The old first floor bathroom had hideous mauve wallpaper. Together with the blue and pink tile, it was a disaster. I stripped off the wallpaper and removed the glue, revealing an even more-hideous pink plaster base. Two […]

One long, crazy week

Happy 4th of July! For us, it’s the culmination of a week of moving into our new home and trying to make it our own.

We’ve been busy painting, de-wallpapering, sanding, spackling and priming our little hearts out. The move went well thanks to the generosity of our friends, who donated their time and energy to […]

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