Short-term financial goals

It’s been about a month since we closed on the house and poured our hard-earned savings into a down payment for it. So in the next month or two, I’d like to get our emergency fund in shape while paying down credit card debt.

I’m pretty P.O.’ed that we’re carrying credit card balances to begin with. The majority of it is a combination of our mortgage rate lock and commitment fee (I did the application by phone) and Mr. Saver’s remaining balances. Most of it is down to 1.99% APR until February, but there are scattered balances at higher interest rates that I really want to pay off.

But I think the emergency fund is the priority. In the next month or two I’d like to funnel most of our extra cash into that, while making decent (but not overly large) payments on the credit cards. Normally I’d toss upward of $500 monthly at it, but with a mortgage instead of rent, it’s a whole new ballgame.

We’ll be looking at the budget again to see where we can whittle stuff down after we settle into our new routine of paying the mortgage and utilities. Freelance work will definitely help us reach our goals.

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