Weekend accomplishments

The past few days have been pretty busy!

Bridal shower successI helped pull off a surprise bridal shower for a good friend this Saturday, and I made sugar cookies with royal icing as part of the favors. My reasoning was twofold: I wanted to do something personal for the bride, and also save us some […]

Blog milestones

Most of you know this blog is just my sliver of the World Wide Web — a little hobby, if you will. Okay, it could be construed as self-serving and boring, even, because why would anyone be *that* interested in what I have to say?

But it’s always been my aim to at least have […]

Are these estimates high?

Our general contractor guy gave me the numbers today for a new front door and screen door, and for our bay window unit, which is made up of three windows. The center window has broken counterweights which resulted in cracked glass.

New steel exterior front door with a long-but-narrow rectangular window: $550, plus $450 […]

The blue painter’s tape is back

I spent some time taping up around the wood trim in the kitchen in preparation for the two coats of primer I’m going to be putting on the walls. Right now, the un-wallpapered walls are getting to me. At least the white primer will let me pretend the walls are painted.

This weekend I plan […]

Thank-you card neglect

Etiquette says I have a year to send out thank-you cards for our wedding. I don’t think it’s right to wait that long, so I have definitely have to get on this — I can’t believe it’s been 4 1/2 months since Mr. Saver and I got married!

I’ll work with our amazing photographer […]

No more Cash for Clunkers

Seriously, how long did they think this program would last? $3,500 to $4,500 toward a car is a nice chunk of change. When $3 billion Cash for Clunkers first launched on July 27, retroactively covering vehicles purchased since July 1 with a “clunker” trade-in.

I don’t personally know anyone who took advantage of this […]

Taking care of yourself saves you $$$

It’s true. Who wants to spend money on doctor’s appointments, prescriptions and possibly unpaid sick days? Not me (although I am lucky enough to get some paid sick days).

After a quite terrible winter two years ago where I actually came down with the flu TWICE, nevermind the 2-3 bad colds I got and a […]

Stuff to do

We had a friend of my father-in-law’s come over to give us an idea of what it would cost to fix/replace a few things around the house. We told him what we’re looking for, and he’s going to get back to us with an estimate. I’m afraid it’s going to be about $1500 total, if […]

Gardening progress

Here’s a photo of the grass growing on the front lawn. It’s looking sparse even though I threw a good amount of seed down, but I think some of them are being laggards. Hopefully they’ll catch up to the early bloomers soon.

I’m also attempting to grow impatiens cuttings. I first placed them in […]

I saved 38% off my grocery order

Just by shopping the sale flier and using doubled coupons, I saved $66.50 off a $110 grocery store bill. That’s nearly 38% in savings! Almost every item was on sale.

I’d still like to try to get my savings over that 40% hump, but it doesn’t seem to be happening based on what I […]