Are these estimates high?

Our general contractor guy gave me the numbers today for a new front door and screen door, and for our bay window unit, which is made up of three windows. The center window has broken counterweights which resulted in cracked glass.

New steel exterior front door with a long-but-narrow rectangular window: $550, plus $450 for installation.

New full-window screen door: $450, including installation.

New bay window unit: $2900, “his cost.” I didn’t even ask him to elaborate.

Is it just me, or do these numbers sound absolutely nutty?

Right now, none of that is in our budget. I’d rather just repaint the front door white (it’s currently mint green, like the siding), leave the old screen door and leave the window as it is (it doesn’t leak; we just can’t use the center window it because it doesn’t stay open).

In fact, I’d rather just continue to pay down our debt. Perhaps we’ll use some of our $8,000 new homeowner tax credit for this stuff early next year.

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