Fruit salad success

I made a fruit salad for the baby shower I attended yesterday. I’ve never done the whole carve-a-watermelon thing before. If I had more time, I would have scalloped the edges! Take a looksee:

Meanwhile, the kitten, Misfit has been a bit of a terror lately. He loves to sleep on the floor next to our bed, but wakes me up in teh middle of the night when he decides to stretch by scratching and pulling on my pretty quilt. Same goes for the comforter in the cooler months. I’m trying to find something to spray on there to stop him — maybe some body spray will do the trick?

He also scratches the top of the quilt — I have two squares that I need to sew the seams on, since the kitten has been pulling the threads out somehow. I’m not one to toss things, so I will repair it until I feel it’s too scraggly, even for my taste. It’s only the second summer I’ve been using it.

Oh, and when I say “kitten,” I mean our 2-year-old cat. Guess he’s still a kitten compared to the older one, Krashy, who’s 11.

And this is Misfit’s idea of “getting comfortable” on my box o’ fabrics. Ouch!

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